Bye Bye Belle

My name is Robyn and I am the happy maker behind Bye Bye Belle.

My products are a range of individually handmade and original design porcelain jewellery including necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches. I also make and design macramé and polymer clay bead necklaces.

All my porcelain jewellery is formed by hand and painted or have a decal on them. The pieces are fired twice and glazed to ensure durability. The porcelain pendants and earrings are on quality 925 sterling silver chains, hoops and studs.

They are all very unique pieces!

Bye Bye Belle came about after a lifelong passion for the arts and crafts and the handmade process.

This passion led me too spend many years traveling and getting immersed in the amazing arts and crafts, until I finally settled in Melbourne and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Cultural Studies. Then I moved to Italy for 3 years with my partner and there I completed a Graduate Certificate in Arts Management.

I am presently working in Arts and Culture at the Melbourne City Council and prior to this I worked in the arts & entertainment industry from dance to visual arts and film. I love all types of craft and have dabbled in ceramics, mosaics, beaded jewellery, embroidery, sashiko, sewing, knitting, crochet and macrame. I have a lovely memory of my cousin teaching me macrame when I was 12 years old that has always stayed with me!

For many years I watched my Nanna crafting away and often wondered why she was so serene and content in life, now I know her secret!!

In addition to running Bye Bye Belle, I have 2 creative and lively sons to run around after and a cute rabbit called Alven.